Master Cleanse-Day 4 but worried -Desperate to lose weight

I have already technically finished day four since it is midnight already. I am getting a little bit worried because despite drinking the lemonade, my stomach still grumbles as it is hungry and I can feel the acid inside it. I am not diagnosed with acidity problems although I have frequently experienced it even way before starting the cleanse whenever I feel hungry. I am worried that this might lead to ulcer or can worsen my acidity problem especially since the juice is citrus. Also, the laxative tea package says that it is not advisable to consume such for more than a week as it may lead to rectal bleeding etc.!

Terri: I can certainly understand your concern. The first thing you should do is to drink more water. One of the reasons our system can be acidic is that we are not well hydrated. There have been times in my life where I didn't drink much water and I would experience acid reflux. Once I increased my daily water intake, it just went away. Even though you are drinking liquids, you still need the water.

If you get overly hungry on the master cleanse allow yourself to have a small salad with a little bit of lemon or vinegar with a dash of olive oil. This will usually be enough to keep hunger at bay. Otherwise, you are starving yourself and can do more harm than good.

This may also not be the right program for you if you have candida. Try taking the candida spit test

I personally don’t use the laxative tea on the program, I just use the salt water cleanse. One of the reasons I don’t use a laxative as they are too strong for me. If you feel that the laxative is causing discomfort and working a little too well, then that can cause issues. Back off of it. You can easily cut it down to half or a quarter of what it should be and this will hall get the old waste out of your colon. Don’t over do it.

And as for weight loss, the master cleanse it not a diet, it is a cleansing program. Weight loss is a side effect and your weight may not stay off once you get back on a regular eating program. If you do want to lose weight fast, then you are better off going on the HCG Diet Program. It is a much healthier and effective way to lose up to a pound a day.

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