Master Cleanser or the 'Lemonade Diet' is a Great Way to Detox

by Melissa
(Napa, CA USA)

I first became familiar with Stanley Burrough's Master Cleanser diet well over twenty years ago. It is a cleanse that I do relatively frequently, at least once a year. I wish I would do it more! Maybe like with the change of the seasons.

It consists of essentially drinking lemon juice mixed with water a little maple syrup and a little cayenne. It is recommended to follow it for 10 days.

I have never done it for less than 10 days and have done it for significantly longer times.

If you choose to follow this cleansing diet I have a couple of recommendations.

First get a hold of The Master Cleanser Book by Stanley Burrough's and read it through. It will help you understand better.

Consult your trusted health professional before undertaking any significant change as all of us a different and what is recommended for one is not necessarily appropriate for another.

Give yourself a little space to adjust in the first couple of days. I have even traveled a little on this cleanse but it does take some planning if you are not used to it.

Be very careful to break the cleanse in the way it is described in the book. This is really important.

What I found:

Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to adjust to the diet as I start to detox. But not always. Sometimes it is easy.

I think it is important to use fresh, organic lemons although I do juice enough for several days at a time.

I generally do not get hungry on this diet and if I do the lemon juice drink works really well.

I always feel great after about 4 days on the cleanse.

I also have access to an infrared sauna that I use daily on the cleanse. This is a great compliment to a wonderful detox program.

I am always very careful and very slow about the way that I come off this cleanse. I follow the instructions as outlined in the book.

I really like this cleanse and as I said I do it relatively frequently.

My health care person loves that I do this and often recommends it.

Only once did I do this cleanse with other people. I would love to do that again.

Is it for you? I can not say. But it is for me and I always enjoy it once I get past the resistance to make a big change.

Terri's Comments: Melissa, Thanks for writing. It is so good to hear that you are able to do the cleanse often.

Maybe we could do it together the next time. Keep up the good work and stay healthy!

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