Meditation for Children - Tips for Kids

Using meditation for children can benefit their concentration and their emotional well-being.

You can use these tips if you like. They are easy to listen to and follow.

Here are some great tips for getting started on your own:

1. Light a candle and do an open-eye meditation. Kids love the fire; it's fascinating to them (adult supervision please!).

2. Have them pick out a word or phrase to concentrate on (examples: "Thank you," "Peace," "Happy," "I am smart," "I am calm," etc.) and repeat throughout this quiet time.

3. Find a calming musical piece they like.

4. Set a timer for the child’s age in minutes (i.e. for a four-year-old, set it for four minutes). This prevents them from asking if its time to quit yet. 

5. Do it with them. It’s a great pick-me-up and a time for bonding quietly together. If you start doing it yourself, the child might want to be like mom or dad and follow your example.

6. Have them pick a special blanket to sit on during the meditation.

7. If they spent any time quiet and still, applaud their efforts even if they didn't make it through the whole time (even if its just for 15 seconds). It's hard for adults to sit still for four minutes without our minds wandering, let alone children.

8. Make it a special time by being excited about sharing it with them. 

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