My First Cleanse -Ever!!!

by Erica
(Dallas, TX)

I wanted to cleanse badly. I became a vegan this year and also incorporated raw foods. I was told that eating more raw food would help me cleanse my body and after 8 months and not sticking totally to the new diet, I felt like there is so much more to get out. Besides, 8 months is not going to cure 30+ years of an unhealthy diet. My friends are advocates of the full body detox advertised at another online company but I never seem to be financially ready to take one on. I wanted something cheap and easy. The Master Cleanse

I am now on day 2. Today I am tired, cranky, have dull headache and feel like I have pms. Part of the reason is awaking to my cramping stomach. The senna tea worked way too quickly. I was not happy, so this morning I skipped the salt water flush. Tonight I will take the senna tea earlier in hopes that it will work before I go to bed.

Day 1 was a breeze, the senna tea wasn't a problem the night before, the salt water flush worked perfectly. My only concern was if I was gonna be able to finish the gallon of drink that I made. I finished it.

All in all, its really not that bad. I would just prefer not to have a crampy gut! I'm looking forward to feeling great tomorrow as it has been stated by day 3 you should feel revitalized.

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