My Master Cleanse Story So Far Day 5

by ashley mckenna

Well, I’ve been trying to lose weight ever since I had my son. I was looking up on the net and come across the master cleanse and really did my homework on it and thought yes thats right up my street so am on my fifth day tomorrow and to be honest it ain’t really that hard at all. I am doing it mainly to lose weight but the detox cleanse is a bonus for me.

I can notice my face is starting to slim down. I’ve finished my lemonade for today--have had ten glasses today and have not long finished my herbal tea which I think is nice. I am a size 14 and going to continue the master cleanse till I have reached my goal which is a size 8-- may take 3 weeks-- I don’t care though

I have been looking at pics of when i was 18 and I want to be like that again. I am 28 now and very determined to reach my goal so can’t wait for the summa to get back in them summer dressers. Well, am tired now so goin to bed. I’ll get back to u tomorrow.

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Jul 10, 2011
Staying focused on the Master Cleanse
by: ANN

I am also on day one and a size 14, only I am 59. I am trying to get down int a 8 or 6. Good luck and I am trying to do it this time. I failed the last time but i really have to stay focus because I now have high blood pressure.

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