My Natural Way to a Diabetic Free Life

by Shawnby

I was a type 2 diabetic patient with sugar level above 250 while taking insulin two times a day. It was then I heard about a natural remedy and treatment for diabetes in our locality.

One of my friends said that he was cured and I was interested. I went there and enquired about it.

They asked me to stay there for 15 days to make it easy for me to adjust to the new diet and exercise.

The treatment was just to eat only raw foods (vegetables, fruit etc) for a period of time till the diabetes vanished and also do some simple yoga practices daily.

While staying there and taking only raw foods, they gradually decreased my dose of insulin, changed into tablets and then altogether stopped all my medications for diabetes.

Though the sugar level was reasonably high at first, it gradually decreased and reached normal level within 30 days.

It has been six months now and my diabetic level, cholesterol level which also was high are all normal now without any medication an also now I can even eat cooked meals once a day.

The added benefit that I achieved was that I lost 8.5kgs within three months and thus achieve my ideal weight. Now my weight, cholesterol and diabetes are all stable.

Thanks to nature.

Terri's Response: Thanks for sharing Shawnby. Most people don't know that diabetes is reversible because they have been told otherwise. It is so refreshing to hear your story and how you regained your health.

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