Natural Cure for ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder

Are you ready to find a natural cure for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

ADD is very prevalent in our society, mainly because our kids are not getting the right building blocks for their bodies to grow properly (although many adults also have this issue.)

Ritalin, also known as methylphenidate, is drug commonly used to treat ADD.

Ritalin is a mild central nervous system stimulant. It affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.

This drug treatment can have side effects that include loss of appetite (may cause serious malnutrition), tremors and muscle twitching, fevers, convulsions, and headaches (may be severe), irregular heartbeat and respiration (may be profound and life threatening), anxiety, restlessness, paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions, excessive repetition of movements and meaningless tasks, and formication (sensation of bugs or worms crawling under the skin.)

Considering the risks, you might not want this type of drug treatment.

Many people I know who have ADD have simply changed to a healthier diet and have experienced significant results. Here are some of the things they have done...

Natural Remedy Changes

ADD Natural Remedy Guidelines

Food sensitivities

Food sensitivities can be a major contributor to symptoms of ADD. One thing that can lead to a natural cure for ADD is to clean up the diet. Most of what you should avoid are processed foods, because some bodies can't handle the extra load that processed foods put on their systems. The following items should be taken out of your diet:

  • Pop, soda, and all carbonated beverages.
  • Fruit flavored drinks.
  • Foods with additives.
  • Foods with preservatives (such as BHT, MSG, BHA, etc.)
  • Artificial coloring. These labels will read something like yellow #4, blue #3, etc.
  • Junk food and processed food.
  • Foods with hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils (aka trans-fat).
  • Candy.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Start Reading Labels

Anyone seeking a natural cure for ADD should check the labels on cereals, drinks and especially snack foods. You might be surprised what is hidden in a food you thought was healthy. Cereals, snack foods and even bread can contain lots of additives and preservatives.

You or your child may be reacting to the chemicals that are added to these foods.

Many people will experience major positive results upon changing what types of food they are eating. Start eating more fresh food!

Nix the Electronic Babysitters

Nix the electonic devices.

Another step to embracing a natural cure for ADD is to avoid television, video games and computers. In my experience, when my kids have watched too much TV (meaning more than ½ hour per day), they go crazy later in the day. The more TV, the wilder the behavior.

It seems they save up all their energy when they are sitting and once they start moving, they can’t stop.

The human body needs movement and exercise. The less you get during the course of the day, the more that you will fidget around when asked to sit still.

Increase the Water

Our bodies need water to replenish the water loss from breathing and being active. Not only does water help the body function more optimally, it also helps clean out the toxins we get from our food and air.

Be sure you or your child drinks pure water. Take you or your child's weight and divide it in half...that is how much a person should be drinking daily in water. So if your child weighs 60 pounds, he/she should be drinking 30 ounces of purified water daily. It is so important for everyone to drink purified water every day.

According to a hydration study done at an elementary school in Florida, 88% of children were able to stop taking medication like Ritalin after children increased their water intake once the school removed candy and soda vending machines. Does that mean that hydration helps the body with creating a natural cure for ADD?

Balance Blood Sugar

When blood sugar is stabilized, children can behave better because their system is functioning properly. Make sure their diet is well balanced and low glycemic (this applies to adults, too). Low glycemic eating means that they are not eating food that readily turns into sugar. It prevents a person's insulin from spiking and then tumbling down. When insulin increases sharply, it can cause changes in behavior (hence "sugar rush"). Here are some examples of changes you can make to your foods:

Instead of white potatoes, try sweet potatoes.
Instead of white bread, use whole grain bread.
Instead of white rice, try brown rice.

You get the idea…get rid of the white flour, white sugar, and other white foods - except of course cauliflower!

Now, once you have managed the food clean-up and limited the “screen time,” you should see some change.

Elimination Diet

Another alternative is to put your child on an elimination diet. An elimination diet discovers any undetected food allergies that may be the source of ADD and will allow you to find your own natural cure for ADD.

Personal Note

When our son was 3 ½, we put him on an elimination diet. It can be done.


Teach yourself or your child to meditate. Meditation teaches participants to focus. Work toward meditating one minute for each year of age (i.e. if your child is four, four minutes would be great - don't expect them to meditate for a half hour). Children's Meditation, Adult Meditation.

Supplements to Support a Natural Cure for ADD

EFAs are useful to help with brain function. Since the neurotransmitters in the brains of people suffering from ADD are not functioning properly, it helps with focus.

Native Remedies has a few products that help balance the body. BrightSpark Tablets or Spray has been developed to temporarily relieve hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children.

Focus Formula supports concentration and attention while promoting normal energy levels in children and adults.

The third product is Focus ADDult, which promotes concentration, focus and longer attention spans in teens and adults. It also supports clarity of mind during work and learning.

You can also look at essential oils - doTerra has a formula called InTune that enhances focus, promotes healthy thought processes and supports efforts for those who want to stay on task.  

Share Your ADD Challenges and Successes

Do you have a challenges personally or with your children because of ADD? Have you had successes? Share with us your story.

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