Natural Cure for Allergies

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Is there really a natural cure for allergies? Well, I can tell you that both my son and I got rid of allergies by going on a nutrition-based program.

Sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy ears, not being able to breath through your nose... it's awful. You don't feel good most of the time. I get it, and I understand because I've been there.

However, with some really good nutrition, you can overcome these issues just like we have.

Why do you have allergies to begin with?

It's not just about treating the sneezing, sniffling and itchiness; it's about finding what in the body is not working properly, causing the body to react in this manner.

Here are a few examples of things that could be causing your allergies:

  • There is some sort of bug in your digestive system causing the immune system to malfunction.
  • Your body is not functioning properly because it's not getting the nutrients it needs.
  • Your immune system is over-taxed and needs support.
  • Your body is toxic and can't do its job.

What To Do?

I want to share with you some of the methods we used to combat allergies. For your body to find a natural cure for allergies, you have to:

  1. Support your immune system.
  2. Cleanse your body.
  3. Get rid of any bugs or parasites so your body can absorb nutrients.

Here are steps you can take to find your own natural cure for allergies:

  • Take Greens/Chlorophyll to clean your blood. This is more than just your veggies. Chlorophyll is extremely important. Our diet today does not have a lot of nutrients; our soil is depleted. In fact, the average American does not eat the recommended ”5 a day” of fruits and vegetables, which are essential to providing our bodies with proper nutrition.
  • Look at the Natural Allergy Relief Guide to give you the detailed information and directions you need in order to overcome your allergies.
  • Allergy Herb Relief Products can help keep eyes and nose clear by maintaining normal histamine levels and can be taken for optimal respiratory health. Basically, while you're trying to get your body to optimal health, these will help the process along instead of harming you further like other medications might do.
  • Detox your body with an herbal body detox.
  • Use a netipot to help clean out your nasal passages.
  • If you suspect you have parasites in your intestinal tract, you may want to do a parasite colon cleanse.
  • See if you might have candida by taking the candida spit test. This could be the bug that is in your body preventing you from getting well.
  • Give your body a rest and determine food allergies, which you can do by going on an elimination diet. This eating program will help you to figure out what to keep in your diet and what to avoid. By determining this, you can allow your body to heal by letting it rest from the offenders while working to boost your immune system.
  • Try out some of the home remedies for allergies resources.

There are many other effective herbs and natural remedies that can also be used. So many options can be overwhelming, so let us know if you want a more personalized wellness plan.

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