Natural Cure for Diarrhea

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Before we talk about a natural cure for diarrhea, we should ask, "what is diarrhea?" Well, you probably know what it is if you're on this page, but I want to address what exactly is going on inside your body. 

For some reason, the food you are eating is being rapidly expelled from your body without your body taking in the nutrients from the food. 

It is not really a disease, but rather a symptom of something that is not right inside your intestinal tract.

Your body is either making an attempt to get rid of something harmful or it simply isn't properly digesting. The tricky part is trying to determine the cause in order deal with the issue.

Short Term - Natural Cure for Diarrhea

First of all, in short-term cases of diarrhea, let's recognize that your body is trying to get rid of something that it doesn't like or doesn't want. Let the body get rid of it by...

1. Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water. You have to keep the body hydrated and flush out the offender.

2. Taking activated charcoal, which is available in capsules. This helps pull the offending toxin out of your body and absorbs liquid and excess gas.

3. Taking Emer-gen-c. This is a product that helps balance the body's minerals and electrolytes; it's a bit like Gatorade, only much healthier and hydrating. It comes in a variety of flavors. Kids love it because it fizzes like an antacid.

Long Term - Natural Cure for Diarrhea

If diarrhea is an ongoing problem, there are a few other things to do to identify the cause. Though these issues may be related, its important you take a look at each one to help your body overcome any intestinal issues.

1. It may be time for a cleanse. There may be so much gunk - not really a technical term - on the insides of your intestines that the colon can't work right and peristalsis (the movement of the intestines to get rid of wastes) is not happening. When this happens, food just flushes through without the nutrients being absorbed through the intestinal lining. 

Though you might wonder about this, it is not unusual. The processed food we eat, the medicine you might take, lack of fiber, and lack of vegetables all harm our bodies and contribute to bodily malfunctions.

2. An allergy may also be the issue, so try an elimination diet. By watching your food intake, you might find that your digestive system acts up when you eat certain foods. By following this type of program, you can rule out potential foods that might be the root of the problem.

3. Candida is a potential cause also. This is when the bacteria in your intestinal tract are out of whack, and the bad bacteria are overpowering the good bacteria. This was one of my issues in my teens.

My body fluctuated between constipation and diarrhea. Once I was able to get balance in the intestinal flora, I had no more issues. You can read more about My Story. 

4. You might have intestinal parasites. WHAT?? How did that happen? Very easily, actually. Parasites can come in from the food we eat and from our hands when we don't wash properly. Almost everyone has them, even if they don't want to admit to it. To fix this issue, try a parasite cleanse. 

Okay, a lot of information has been covered for a natural cure for diarrhea and I realize it may seem overwhelming. Just take one step at time. However, if you need help, all you have to do is ask. 

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