Natural Cure for Headache

Headaches can come about from a variety of causes. Your body will give you a natural cure for headaches if you listen to it and treat it well. There are several different approaches that may help you become headache free.

Drink Water

Purified water can be the most effective way to clear out a headache. It sounds too simple, doesn't it?

Dehydration causes muscles to contract, leading to tension and leaving you with a headache. 

And if the headache is caused by stress anyway, you have more than enough tension.

Another reason for additional water is that your body can become over-toxic if you are not drinking enough water. A surplus of toxins can also create a headache.

Who would have ever thought that purified water could be a natural cure for headaches?

Cleanse & Detox

Speaking of toxins...if headaches are a recurring issue for you, a cleanse might be in order. Migraines in particular can be a result of liver toxicity. 

Words of caution: if you start detoxing too quickly, your headaches may get worse as a result of over-toxicity; this is referred to as a cleansing response.

  • Detox Drops is a formula that assists the body in cleansing on a daily basis. This is a great product for taking it slow and easy. It's very gentle. You'll want to use it a little bit for a longer time. I have used this myself and was impressed with how gentle it was.
  • Master Cleanse is a great overall body cleanse that will help rid your body of toxins that may be causing a headache in the first place. This, however, requires you to fast during the cleanse. The master cleanse is anything but gentle - you start detoxing fast and get headaches when you start it, but it might be well worth it in the long run.
  • Gall Cleanse works well to not only cleanse the gallbladder but also to detoxify the liver, since these two organs work hand-in-hand. Many times, people experience headaches because not only is the liver toxic, but the gallbladder is having its own issues. It may just be the time to do some seasonal cleaning.

Change Your Diet

Eating a low-carb diet might do more than improve your health and help you shed a few pounds; cutting carbs can also relieve headaches.

A study performed at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine showed that a low-carbohydrate diet reduced the frequency and severity of headaches in regular sufferers. Half of those surveyed said they attained the same kind of relief from the diet as they did from migraine medication.

One explanation? Gluten, which is found in wheat and other cereal grains, has been linked to migraines. In fact, an Italian study found that migraine sufferers were 10 times more likely to have a gluten intolerance than the general population.

If you have frequent headaches, you should be tested for gluten sensitivity (also known as celiac disease). Cutting out the carbohydrates, especially those made from grains, could be the natural cure for headaches you are looking for.

Check out the Glycemic Index Eating Program. This is a great way to decrease unhealthy carbohydrates and decrease body fat at the same time while eating healthier. 

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