Natural Cure for Ulcer

Your body can create a natural cure for ulcers if you feed it right and put your system back into balance.


  • Ulcers could be a result of a milk allergy or allergy to other foods.

  • Too much acid -- pH level is off -- in your system. Most Americans are overacid due to the lack of fresh food in our diet.

  • Too much stress and nervous tension. Learn to meditate to help relax.

  • Eating to many sugary foods, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, anemia or candida albicans.

What are ulcers?

Ulcers are white crater-like holes that form in the pink lining of your stomach or duodenum--just below the stomach in the top part of the small intestine.

Common ulcer symptoms include stomach pain, vomit that looks like coffee grounds, black stools, or burning.

Natural Cure for Ulcers - What To Do?

  1. Go on an elimination diet and test foods that you add back into your diet. Once the problem food(s) is taken out of your diet, it will still take some time for the body to heal the ulcer, so be kind to your self.

  2. Take food enzymes (without HCl) to help digest your food.

  3. For immediate natural relief, drink a glass or two of purified water.
  4. This helps dilute to gastric juices. If you don't drink your recommended amount of water for the day, your body will have a difficult time functioning properly which may be the cause of an ulcer to begin with. Water may be the answer.

  5. Balance the acid level --pH. Many of you may drink coffee which causes the body to be more acidic.

  6. Frequent small meals, chew slowly.

  7. Take supplements to help your body heal itself.
  • Acid Free Flux - promotes healthy digestion and soothes the stomach.

  • Cabbage Juice is antiseptic and can be a natural cure for ulcer.

  • Take an EFA (essential fatty acid) supplement - protects the stomach and intestinal tract.

Why is your system overacid?

Your system is overacid because of an unhealthy diet. Add your green leafy vegetables, get rid of the junk and processed foods.

Add water, get rid of the soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. If you don't like vegetables, add a chlorophyll supplement to your diet. The chlorophyll will give you the nutrition you need and makes your system less acidic allowing for a natural cure for ulcers.

There are many effective herbs and natural remedies that can be used to help, so let us know if you want a more personalized consultation.

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