My Natural Cure Story

Terri David

In the 1980's, I discovered my natural cure. I found that my allergies, PMS, spastic colon (self diagnosis), fibroid cysts, plugged up nose could be cured -- naturally. I remember lying in bed one night thinking, "I do not want to live the rest of my life and not be able to breathe through my nose."

My spring allergies were so bad that sneezing less than 12 times in a row was a blessing. I could not wait to get inside where the air conditioning filtered the air. Of course, that was as long as there wasn't a cat inside when my lungs felt like I had a major case of bronchitis. If I had to wait for someone to go to the mall, I would be in the bathroom 10 times before they showed up because of my nervous stomach. Of course, then next day I would be constipated. What was happening to me was driving me crazy.

One miraculous day I was talking with co-worker and she mentioned that a Naturopathic Doctor named Diane was coming into town to talk about natural cures. I showed up and that changed the course of my health. I met with Diane for a private consultation. I found out I had systemic candida. I know most women are familiar with yeast infections. Well, this was similar to a yeast infection but it was in my entire digestive system. However, I could have my body create a natural cure by providing enhanced nutrition.

Up to that point, I had taken antibiotics throughout my life and that is probably one of the main reasons this happened in addition to a suppressed immune system. The antibiotics killed the bad bacteria but also killed the good bacteria that were never replenished.

Diane put me on a nutritional program. (see program below)

Yes, I was taking handfuls of pills a day. The first week I was on the program, I felt like there was a knife in my gut.

Why was the first week so awful? I had so much overgrown bad bacteria in my system and the program was working too well. The bad bacteria was dying off all at once and making me sick. I called Diane and she suggested I slow down on some of the supplements. The program was working, just too much, too fast. I was experiencing a cleansing response.

I stayed on the program and a year later without medicine my body created a natural cure. I never felt better. I could breathe through my nose again. I no longer had allergies—yeah! I no longer had fibroid cysts. PMS was no longer an issue and I had bowel movements like normal people did.

My Supplement Program

I know, you are waiting for the natural cure program I was on to be listed here. I went on this program over 20 years ago and still enjoy the benefits of good health today.

I was on handfuls of vitamins: B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Calcium/Magnesium in addition to a multiple vitamin. All of these to help build support my body and properly nourish it.

Other Nutrients I took:

  • To rebuild the flora also known as good bacteria - acidopholus
  • To kill off the bad bacteria
  • (disgusting taste like varnish but does the job)There are many other effective herbs and natural remedies that can be used, so let us know if you want a more personalized consultation.

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