Natural Cures For Weight Loss

by Marcus
(Cadiz, Spain)

Agar: A natural weight loss remedy?

Agar: A natural weight loss remedy?

Natural remedies are an excellent addition to balanced diets and in most instances have many more benefits than slimming pills, exercise gimmicks or creams.

Of course it cannot be stated as a fact that certain herbs or any other home remedies are an instantaneous natural cures for weight loss, but it can be said that there are several natural sources that are a lot healthier for our bodies than the many chemicals that weight loss pills often contain:

* The Artichoke is part of a group of plants that promotes liver wellness. It combats constipation, and gives purifying effects by stimulating the bile and lessens improper digestion of fats.

* Guarana, a popular fruit in Brazil, is known for its energizing properties. The caffeine content boosts metabolism and speeds up fat burning, while revitalizing the body's energy.

* Seaweed is another interesting natural cure for weight loss. Algae, known as agar agar, has a strong laxative action. It has no calories, carbohydrates, sugar or fat, and is very rich in fiber. It absorbs glucose and passes through the digestive system quickly while absorbing water, fat, bile and waste.

This causes the body to dissolve more cholesterol and burn more fat.

Another member of the seaweed group is kelp. It's effective for weight control and, in turn, helps lower cholesterol.

It should be noted that no single food source is an all encompassing natural cure for weight loss. Any natural remedy will always be more effective when combined with a balanced healthy diet and physical activity. While they do have properties that can assist with weight loss there is no single miracle cure!

Terri's Comments: Marcus, thanks for the great insight. I am always learning more about the different natural compounds and you certainly provided me with some new insights.

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May 13, 2011
Water for weight loss
by: Home Remedies Mom

I'll have to do some more research on the algar - what my husband and I have been doing (other than the HCG several times - which is the bomb for losing weight by the way!) is drink more water.

Drinking lots of water has so many benefits, other than weight loss, which is a great reason to drink tons of water.

There is a simple page here Drinking water for weight loss where we talk a bit about it.

Cheers and happy 'drinking' =)

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