Natural Cures

Natural alternatives are a bit different than medication. Natural cures work at finding the cause of the ailment. Although just like medication, you can find nutrients that help with the symptoms. Natural alternatives go one step further and helps the body re-adjust itself to heal the cause of the symptom. 

Let’s take cancer, for instance. Chemotherapy and radiation work to kill the cancerous cells. And in aggressive cases that might be needed. However, when you look at natural cures, we look at why the cells became cancerous to begin with. What is it our body is lacking in and what does it need so the cells don’t become “sick” to begin with?

Why doesn’t my doctor know? Your doctor has very little, if any, training in the field of nutrition. So if you aren’t knowledgeable about something, you should not give advice. Find out if your doctor is trained in the field of natural health and nutrition. If not, is the doctor willing to learn. If you have a doctor not willing to learn with you then find a new doctor. Find someone who is willing to learn about how the body can heal itself.

Natural Cures and Alternatives Work

They require patience because its not like taking an aspirin and you feel better in an hour. Natural alternatives take time because they are working to support your body in moving sickness to health, not just cover up a symptom.

Here are some that are available on this site....

Warning: If you clean up your diet, you might actually feel crummy while your body starts to recover and clean itself. You have heard how people sometimes feel when they take themselves off caffeine. It is called a cleansing response. Be kind and patient with yourself. Your body will thank you in the long run.

There are many effective herbs and natural remedies that can be used for other issues, so let us know if you want a more personalized consultation.

Articles and Information

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