Natural Headache Cure

by Elijah

Can somebody tell me natural healing of headaches?

I'm only 25 years old and have very strong headaches. Not to often, but when I have one it stays for days. Right now I'm having strong headache and want to vanish:)

Some help?

Terri's Comments: Thanks for writing Elijah. There are two different methods to use, one is a change in diet and the other is to supplement your diet for a natural headache cure.

A couple of dietary changes for headaches:
Drink lots of water. When our muscles are dehydrated, they become tense so it is good to keep them hydrated.

You might also think of taking an essential fatty acid supplement to keep your muscles "well-oiled".

Get rid of processed foods, sugar: you may be sensitive to many of the additives and preservatives

Food sensitivities: this may be the cause, try an elimination diet to see if you have any sensitivities to the food you eat. You can also just do a diary of what you eat and when you get the headaches to see if there is any relation.

Many times headaches are caused by a toxic liver or colon. In this case, go on a liver cleanse or colon cleanse to get those toxins out. I knew a man about your age that had severe headaches and we put him on a liver cleanse and the headaches disappeared.

Check your Blood pressure: This can be a silent cause of headaches.

Use acupressure, I have used this before and what a difference it makes.

There is a certain acupressure point called LI4 --- it is between the index/thumb finger -- and by just applying some pressure to it you eliminate common pains such as headaches.

Get checked by a chiropractor. You may have a spinal misalignment that is the source of the headaches. Still make the dietary changes so that your adjustments stay in place.

A few more details are at the Natural Cure for Headaches page.

Good luck Elijah.

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