Natural Remedy for Migraine

I have suffered migraines for the past 15 yrs, am 30yrs old now. And these migraines have gotten worst since January of this year, I get them every day and they are so bad.

Nothing works, I am currently taking treximet. Someone told me I could try Herbal medicine for migraines, but looking online now, there are too many products there...I need a recommendation on what to use, I will also gladly appreciate any other suggestion on fighting these monster called Migraine....

Terri's Answer: A friend of mine use to suffer migraines (cluster headaches). It stopped once he started on a better diet and healing herbs. Actually, I have another friend too who went on a nutritional program and got rid of her migraines.

One of the reasons migraines can occur is that the liver is toxic. First of all before cleaning out your liver, start drinking plenty of purified water. Be sure to drink at least one ounce for every two pounds you weight. So if you weigh 160 pounds, you should be drinking at least 80 ounces per day.

In addition, get rid of the junk food. If you eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners then you want to stop that too. The aspartame (nutrasweet) in products cause headaches and migraines for many people. It is a neurotoxin and can damage your brain cells. Cut it out.

Next, you might want to consider a liver cleanse. Once the liver gets cleaner, the migraines should subside as it did with both my friends.

There is one product, I can think of that would be perfect at cleaning your liver. I have it listed as a gall bladder cleanse, but it actually works with BOTH the liver and the gall bladder. I talk about on the gall bladder cleanse page.

Here's another product that might help you. I haven't tried it but I have tried other things from this company with good results. Its called MiGone Plus

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