Nauseous on Day 1

by jen234
(Houston, TX)

Just started my first MC ever today. I'm at the end of Day 1 and so nauseous. Is this normal? I did not drink the saltwater this morning, simply because I forgot, but I did drink my Smooth Moves last night and again earlier this evening. I have managed to get down all 6 of my lemonades today. I have felt sick to my stomach and on the verge of vomiting since mid afternoon. I'm not seeing much information anywhere or in the books about feeling sick this early on, if at all. Why am I so nauseous? I'm concerned as to if it is normal for me to be feeling this sick on Day 1?

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Oct 10, 2009
Remedy for nausea
by: Anonymous

I had that happen to me once. It all the toxins being dumped out of your bloodstream to go out of your body. Drink extra water and that should help. By the third day I felt much better.

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