Nutri System

Nutri System may be the best weight loss plan for you. The company has been around for over 30 years. This a a great program for people who can't , don't like to or don't want to cook, weigh or measure food. I particularly like their system because it is based on the glycemic index which I believe is one of the healthiest ways to eat.

They have numerous weight loss programs, so you can find one to match your needs more easily. They have a women's Program, men's program, Type II Diabetic Program and All-Vegetarian Program. You can even customize to your heart's content. 

The Nutri System program shows that at any age a person can still lose weight. There are several different levels the Diabetic program and shows that people on the program have had great success when it comes to balancing blood sugar indicators and cholesterol. 

Many of their foods are without artificial preservatives which tells me they care about the quality of their food.

This is a well proven program. Its just that it can get pricey purchasing your food. However, if you eat out often and need to take lunch to work, then it probably will just be a shift in your spending habits and not an additional cost to you so its well worth looking into. 

Also, in my humble opinion, the system keeps you from getting hungry. How you may ask? They provide you with 6 smaller meals a day rather that 3 large meals. Its a much healthier way to eat and you avoid getting orly hungry. When you get overly hungry, that is a recipe for "blowing" your diet.

Stay satisfied all day and you have a much higher chance of success and reaching your weight loss goals.

More on Nutri System

Even though weight loss always seems to be a woman's issue. NutriSystem was smart enough to recognize a need for men so they made sure they incorporated programs for men too.

At any point in time. Nutrisystem is running a good promotional program from a free week of food to free vitamins.

Though it seems a bit costly because you are getting your food from Nutri-system, I don't believe it is overpriced at all, in fact, its a good deal at about $10/ day for meals (without coupons) plus unlimited counseling, online tools & community and meal planner.

Not sure if its right for you? Take a peek at their site, read up on it and them decide. If it fits your lifestyle you will know it.