Nutrition and Mental Illness

by Hilary
(Nellysford, VA, USA)

September 2009, my 16 year old son was diagnosed as “Schizo-affective disorder” after 5 emergency visits to the local hospital emergency rooms. His condition was described to me as a combination of bipolar, Schizophrenia, and depression.

I was devastated. I thought that it was “my fault” for donated the defective genes that made my son what he was. During a "family session" at Virginia Baptist Hospital, a psychologist asked me "how it felt to have a son with a major mental illness". He also commented that my son would probably need to take medication for the rest of his life. A pyschiatrist at the same hospital told me that they didn't do such a diagnosis "lightly".

But I didn’t accept his dismal prognosis. I started researching the internet full time. I found hope in the field of Orthomolecular Medicine. I ordered the book, "Orthomolecular Medicine For Everyone". Armed with the information I read in this book, along with a wealth of internet information on nutrition and alternative health care, I was able to do the impossible - CURE my son of his mental illness.

I bought a number of high potency supplements, including a multivitamin, Vitamin C, Fish oil, Krill oil, niacin, and B complex vitamins. I limited caffeine, sodas, and products containing refined flour and sugar. I encouraged eating more fruits and vegetables. I also started making “green smoothies”, with wheat grass and frozen fruit.

1 month he was off his medication (Risperdal and Adivan), was back in high school, taking advanced placement courses. He resumed playing soccer and basketball, playing trumpet and trombone, and got a part time job at a local amusement park, working in concession stands, and bussing tables. He hasn’t had a recurrence since.

By the way, I also started taking vitamin supplements and eating healthier and drinking green smoothies every day. I am now no longer taking anti-depressants, my thinning hair is growing back in, my varicose veins are disappearing, I'm losing weight, and I feel great!

I strongly urge everyone with mental health issues not to go off the drugs they are currently taking, but to find a Psychiatric doctor who specializes in orthomolecular psychiatry, and is dedicated to getting their patients healthy again, while slowly and safely reducing their meds, with the ultimate goal of eliminating them altogether.

Terri's Comments: Hilary--WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing your success. It's not always easy finding the tools that will help but you certainly took charge of your situation.

Most psychiatric issues have to do with chemical imbalances in the body. If you can balance your body's chemistry, the situation will take care of itself. Whole food nutrition and vitamins is a great way to help your body do that.

Your story just goes to show that it is worth the time and effort to search for natural answers.

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