Omega Zone Diet

By Dr Barry Sears

Omega Zone Diet

The Omega Zone diet is authored by Dr. Barry Sears whom I have had the pleasure to interview. He as authored a number of books related to achieving SuperHealth.

Dr Sears is best known for his book ”The Zone” which is a wonderful program about balancing the portions of carbohydrates, protein and fats in our diet to achieve optimal health. 

By following his “block” method outlined in “The Zone,” you can lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease as well as other age related issues and achieve permanent fat loss. 

He has now published “The Omega Rx Zone” Diet which takes the Zone program even further. 

I am certainly pleased and honored that he has agreed to share with us his insights into SuperHealth and thoughts on his book “The Omega Rx Zone.”

Omega Zone Diet Interview

Welcome Dr. Sears, I am elated that you are here. I have long admired your work as it has certainly changed the course of my life. Why don’t we start off with you giving us a little background on the development of the Omega Zone Diet.

The OmegaRx Zone was continuation of my previous 20 years of research into the use of fish oil to reduce cellular inflammation.

It was written based on my personal experience of using the first high purity fish oil products and realizing the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that were required to alter inflammation.

Before this time, the only other fish oil products were low potency and low purity products that greatly limited the amount you could give to a person. The new generation of fish oil products allowed you to go much higher with spectacular results. The OmegaRx Zone details many of those clinical results.

Now a bit different from using the block system outlined in “The Zone,” you have made how to eat proper portions quite a bit easier with a “balanced plate” in Omega Zone Diet. Can you share with us a little more about that.

The Zone was written for cardiologists to demonstrate the precision that diet should be viewed in order to generate consistent hormonal responses. The book was never intended for the general public.

Much to my surprise (and especially the publisher) it became a best seller. The complaints were always that the Zone Diet was too difficult to follow.

I tried to show in the OmegaRx Zone, if you simply used your hand and your eye to balance your plate and add enough high-purity omega-3 fatty acids, it was incredibly easy to stay in the Zone.

It's a commonly held belief that carb loading helps athletic performance. However your program is quite different than that. Can you share with us why your method is more beneficial?

The key for athletic performance (as well as daily living) is the efficiently of converting dietary calories into chemical energy.

Carbohydrates can be considered low-octane fuel, whereas fat can be considered high-octane fuel in this regard. The Zone Diet provides greater metabolic flexibility that allows you to switch from one fuel source to the other with great efficiency.

As a result, you have more energy and better performance. This help explain why the athletes that I have worked with have won 25 Gold Medals in the past five Olympics.

Most people people believe that fat is bad for you when the proper types of fat are really very good for you and beneficial to our health. You have done the research to prove that. Can you give us just a couple of reasons as to why fat in so important in our diet?

The types of fat in your diet will have a significant impact on the generation of inflammation. Omega-6 and saturated fats increase cellular inflammation, monounsaturated and especially omega-3 fats decrease cellular inflammation.

It is increased cellular inflammation that makes us fat, sick, and age at a faster rate. In addition, fat is high-octane fat to improve performance when you follow the Zone Diet to improve metabolic flexibility.

What struck me as so insightful is when you discuss the relation between different health issues such as diabetes and cancer. Mainstream medicine treats these as totally different issues. What are your thoughts on how we can change this?

We tend to make medicine more complicated than it really is. If you reduce cellular inflammation you remove the driving force that causes chronic disease.

Rather than treat the symptoms of chronic disease with drugs, it makes more sense to reduce the underlying cause of chronic disease (increased cellular inflammation) and then use the least amount of a drug to manage any residual symptoms.

Your information with the omega zone diet is based on pharmaceutical grade fish oil being the best source. How does a person know if what they are taking is of high quality?

It is buyer beware. The biggest problem is the levels of contaminants such PCBs in typical fish oil products. A truly pharmaceutical grade fish oil is exceptionally low in PCBs.

Less than 1% of all available fish oil products are very low in PCBs, Unfortunately the levels are never on the label. Ask the company who sells the fish oil for a copy of their PCB analysis. If they don’t have one, run in the other direction. Your best bet is relying on brands that proudly state their PCB levels.

Thank you so much Dr. Sears for sharing with us. Is there anything else you want to add?

On the cover of The OmegaRx Zone, I made the statement that high-dose fish oil may be as close to a medical miracle as I will see in my lifetime. Nearly a decade latter, I am more firmly convinced of that statement. Couple adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acid intake with the Zone Diet and you have clinically validated way to retake control of your future.

I did start to follow the Zone program back in the mid 1990‘s. I will say that for me, this is a very beneficial eating program and started me on lowering my consumption of breads and pastas and I am healthier for it.

Now with the Omega Zone Diet, I feel Dr Sears has certainly taken “The Zone” to the next level.

If you are serious in about anti-aging and avoiding common age-related issues, then reading the Omega Zone Diet is an absolute must.

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