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I have found a personal water filter (PWF) we can trust. I am such an advocate of making sure my family and I drink enough water. Not just any water but pure water. 

Of course, I also encourage my friends to drink what I call "clean" water. Which basically means not directly from the tap but purified tap water.

One (as we use several) of the resources we use to drink clean water is a Water Filter bottle.

About a year ago I saw a very simple experiment using a particular kind of water filter bottle. 

I wish I could show you the video because a picture does truly paints 1000 words on how having filtered water is better for you.

In lieu of the video, I will share with you the Katadyn PWF.

Katadyn Exstream 26 ounce Personal Water Bottle Purifier

The Katadyn Extream Personal Water Bottle Purifier removes all organisms from your drinking water, including viruses. It comes in 2 sizes and varying colors.

Katadyn Exstream XR 34 ounce Personal Water Bottle Purifier

Not only is this filter is great for tap or potable water, its also good for lake and river water filtering out the viruses and unhealthy organisms.

(For larger tasks check out portable water filters designed for camping, rv's and travel that I have reviewed.)


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