Portable Water Filters

So you are looking for portable water filters for the road. You want both quality and price.

Do you need a camping water filter, an RV water filter or one you can use with both? I think I have found the answer. 

This particular water filter is very impressive. After my review, I think its a great filter to take along when you camp or in the RV. However, it might be a bit large for backpacking.

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It uses a ceramic water filter to remove anaerobic bacteria. You add ionic minerals that bind with the smallest of particles and contaminants then uses the ceramic water filter to take out those particles.

And what are you left with? Oxygenated, and mineralized Living Water.

Unlike many filters that can only handle potable water, you can use it with river and lake water. With the science behind it you can be safe and secure that the water is cleaner than tap water.

Think about the how marvelous the mineral springs are for their healing abilities. You can have this too with the filter due to the process it uses.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, its just that I am so amazed how the filtering system works and the difference it can make in your health. Check out more detailed information on Adya Water Filters. 


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