Raw Food Weight Loss

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Wanting to lose weight but don't know where to start a raw food weight loss program? Are you thinking you might have to eat uncooked meat?

First of all, let me share with you what I mean by raw or whole food ... it is eating whole, natural, uncooked, unprocessed, fresh plant foods in your diet.

Although a wholefood diet is intended to provide your body what it needs in a natural unprocessed way of eating, by following it, you will most likely assist your body in normalizing your weight.

raw food weight loss, fruit, vegetables, book

Alison Andrews, the author of "Simple Raw Food Recipes," says, "For most people, raw food weight loss is very swift. There are often raw food weight loss stories from people who lose lots of weight in the first couple of weeks!

However, this is mostly water weight. When we lose vast amounts in a week or so, it is certain that the weight we are losing is water and not fat. Of course whether it is excess water or excess fat it all needs to go, so losing some water weight is a good thing."

Can you drop some pounds by incorporating this lifestyle? Most diet plans require calorie restriction but research has found that on a raw food program, you can eat more calories yet not gain and even lose pounds.

So what you eat is more important than how much you eat. When a person changes their lifestyle by basing their eating on fresh fruits and vegetables, lowering the fat, you can actually increase your chances of raw food weight loss success.

From my experience, eating a whole food program can be very time consuming...dehydrating, soaking, etc. However, I like what Alison says in regards to her recipe book "Most of the recipes in this book can be served in under 10 minutes!"

Though she does include a few recipes that do require more preparation especially if you entertain guests. I like that most of the meal prep is quick and easy.

It is a great way to:

  • Fuel your body

  • Get the nutrients you require

  • Detox your system.

Not yet sure if this is the right program for you? Consider raw food weight loss if...

  • You’re not interested in vegetarianism, but will consider eating raw foods to lose pounds, feel healthier, be more energetic, and look younger.

  • You’re intrigued but want to learn more before you start for sure.

  • You’ve tried raw food but haven’t been successful.

  • You’ve read about how wonderful it makes people feel and would like to try it for yourself.

  • You feel bloated, tired, or have heartburn after meals.

  • It’s a new year and you want a clean start.

  • After work you have little time or patience to spend preparing food.

  • You’re already a vegetarian or vegan, and just want to lose extra pounds, feel healthier, and increase energy.

  • You’re eager to learn but not sure where to start.

  • You want to stop giving in to your cravings for unhealthy foods.

A wholefood diet can be the best, most significant thing that you can do for yourself and your health. 

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