Silva Mind Control Method

Silva Mind Control Method - My Story

When I first heard about Silva Mind Control Method, I thought it was about controlling the minds of others. 

So I was quite cautious as this was not something that seemed to have a lot of integrity.

However, I soon found out the Silva Mind Method was about controlling my own mind. Actually I wouldn't say controlling my own mind but harnessing its innate knowledge and getting my ego out of the way to receive information I was exposed to but too busy being in my own way to have access to.

It teaches meditation in a way that you get insight into your own intuition. Be gaining this insight you can achieve your desired results. Whether it’s a health issue or a personal issues, the meditation techniques and tools will help you find the answer. It truly is a way to connect with your own inner knowledge.

A number of years ago during the early 1990s, I took the Silva Mind Method class series, I believe its now called the Silva Life System Training. May have been a different name but still just as powerful.

I had an incredible instructor that helped me tap into to my intuitive self and better control the direction of my mind. And be able to access knowledge that I didn't even know I had. This is an incredible process. I was so excited to learn this and to be able to use it effectively.

With the Silva training, I was able to effectively detect another’s physical ailments, get true answers to personal situations and get more confident in my intuition. I was also taught methods to get intuitive answers to questions I had when making imp0ortant decisions.

Even though I took the Silva many years ago, I still use many of the meditation techniques and tools today. 

The Silva Method is a great program that can be used for self discovery, attaining your dreams, overcoming health issues and many more outcomes. It certainly was helpful, and still is helpful to me and I suggest it to anyone who wants to enhance their own intuition.

If you are interested in taking control of your own mind then the Silva Mind Method is a valuable tool to have in your personal tool box. You can learn some of the tools with either the book or audio program available at Amazon.