Skin Spots

by Kristen
(Columbus, Ohio)

Hi Terri!

My nephew (22) recently started renting a room from us. He asked me about some dark spots on his skin on his lower legs from bruising when he was playing football in high school. He wondered if there was something he could use to help fade the darkness...or whiten the area a bit.

I thought of you and your natural cure alternative website. It would be great if there was something natural he could use. What do you recommend? Please keep in mind that I'd like to have him purchase it from your website.


Terri's Response: Thanks for writing Kristen. After researching this for a bit, I wasn't sure there was one answer. I was thinking if this were me, what would I take? I would want something that oxygenates my blood, has enzymes to "eat" the trash in my body and has antioxidants to get the free radicals. All those working in combination would help. I was thinking about what one thing could I take instead of taking several items.

If it were me, I would take a Chlorophyll Product

This type of product would help supply my body with what it would need that I mentioned above to repair the cell damage. It won't work overnight and although I would start slow (below) the recommended dose, I would increase it slowly over a month or so until I was taking about double the suggestion.

I would also stay on it for at least 6 month to a year or until the spots cleared up.

One more thing I would do would be to do dry skin brushing a couple times a week. This helps bring enhance blood flow and enhance lymphatic function. Both helpful in boosting circulation to the area.

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