Swine Flu Prevention and Swine Flu Treatment

by Martin Pytela


The cellular terrain will sustain viruses only if it is acidic enough for them to survive. So how does it become acidic? The list is almost comical - the description of our modern lifestyle: stress, lack of sleep, coffee, cigarettes, fried food, refined food (sugar, flour, salt, fat), cooked proteins (roasted and fried meat, and surprisingly also baked grains). Oh, and one more: lack of exercise. What does that leave you to live on? Salads, smoothies, stir fries. Plenty of variety, really.

The most alkalizing things you can do: drink the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon every morning, make your salad dressing with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, take alkalizing baths, add alkalizing minerals to your drinking water.

If you are already in trouble, you may need a water ionizer,, or an ionic foot spa , or perhaps both.

When you are pH balanced and your immune system is strong, you will not catch anything, because it will not stick to you.

There are two ways you can help your immune system cope with viral infections: supplement with systemic enzymes and with lecithin. Both of these supplements will help unmask and expose the virus to your immune system. Virus puts on protective coating that protects it from detection by the immune system much like the sheep's clothing on a wolf.

It is important that you think ahead. There is no way we can ship to you the tools that will help you if you are already becoming sick. I know we are supposed to focus on the positive, but in this case you should prepare for "Plan B" - stock some emergency supplies. See the next box for a few tested ideas.

Here are several common sense ideas you could implement. It is simple, but not necessarily easy. My wife and I make it a sport of watching servers in fast food restaurants. We catch them all the time doing things that will definitely transmit any infection:

  1. Wash Your Hands
    It is common knowledge that people think they are clean, but they are not. Sterile technique is taught to doctors and nurses who work in surgery. Most everybody else does not really understand. How many times have you seen the person handling your food handle the money with the same hands?

  2. Keep Your Hands Off Your Face
    Even if you wash, you will pick up stuff. So keep it out of your eyes, nose, mouth.

  3. Move Fast If Symptoms Occur
    Even if you are careful, you still run the risk of exposure from ventilation systems in airplanes, airports, malls, etc. All handles or other places where we touch either directly or indirectly we are exposed. Some viruses are airborne, some are transmitted by hand to hand contact.

At the first sign of a sore throat or achiness, take action!


There are several things you need to do if you are already feeling the symptoms of the swine flu or any other flu: Realize it is too late for Prevention, it is time for Action.

We stock several products we know that work, and you need to have them within reach when you need them: Humic Acid, viral disruption with Ionic Silver Spray, viral suppression with Topically Every Pain with Goldenseal, and the ultimate viral decloaking with Lecithin.

Humic Acid works great on influenza type A, which includes the latest swine flu. The product should be renamed to Viral Terminator. It probably will have to be, because one is not supposed to use the name of a medical condition in the product name. But who can blame the formulator's enthusiasm? He found the cure for the flu, after all!

It is really simple. You spray this water based herbal mist into your nose or throat as directed, and the flu just does not develop. Why?

Apparently there is a way to inhibit the reproductive mechanism of the flu virus using fairly common herbs. This is a big deal - it stops the flu viri (see I can speak Latin) from hitting the exponential multiplication phase that puts you in bed for a week.

The product is safer than the flu shot (if you would even consider such a thing - I won't), and it does not care which viral strain is going to reproduce the fastest this year. Flu-Stop shuts down all influenza A and B viruses, including the ever-hyped bird and swine flu. So if you are worried about a world pandemic conflagration, you better stock a few of these for yourself and your loved ones.

If you are at all susceptible to the flu, or if you are planning an air plane trip or any kind of travel, you ought to have a bottle with you. You would not want to wreck your holiday with a flu ...

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  • Can you afford to be sneezing at the important presentation?

  • Do you want to spend a miserable week on a beach somewhere?

  • Do you enjoy working with a headache and a drippy nose?
I did not think so. The other thing that works really well is Ionic Silver. You have no doubt heard about colloidal silver and its ability to disrupt viral, bacterial and even protozoan infections. I could go into the long explanation here, but instead will say this: it works like a charm. You can go to our website to read the details.

Know this: you need to have one on hand when the flu hits, not three days later. You can't order it and hope to get it in time to make a difference. By the time you'd receive it, the flu would be in full bloom.

More about Ionic Silver.

If you are at all susceptible to the flu, or if you are planning any kind of mingling in close proximity with other humans who could be infected with the flu ... get one of these natural products and keep it in your travel kit.

There are some natural (means inexpensive, unpatentable, largely ignored despite their effectiveness) herbal remedies that strengthen your immune system and disrupt infectious invaders. One of the best is Goldenseal, a simple and very bitter herb. We have it in a blend with magnesium (relax), alfalfa (alkalize), kelp (energize), valerian (keep calm) and St John's Wort (uplift your mood) that can be applied topically to not only calm you down, but to also disable the invading infectious micro-organisms.

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And finally the multi-nutrient life-created complex found in every living plant and animal cell that is made of essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamins and minerals: Lecithin is nature's universal emulsifier, reducing surface tension so biological systems are able to manipulate fats in water based terrain. Without enough Lecithin, fats will stagnate, clog cells, and go rancid, overwhelming your antioxidant stores with life-destroying free radicals.

Lecithin dissolves away the cholesterol shield that cloaks viruses from your immune system, allowing recognition, targeting and destruction of the invader. Lecithin is essential for cell membrane fluidization that allows the cell membrane to stay flexible and youthful helping each cell resist viral invaders. The more flexible the membrane, the tougher it is for viruses to invade the cell.

An ion transporter integral for immune system communication and intercellular communication in all organs, lecithin helps coordinate cellular teamwork within your organs. It won't help you just knowing this. You need to be using a bottle of lecithin every two months. That way you will be ready to strip the sheep's clothing off of the backs of the little viral wolves.

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