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"I really enjoyed working with Terri on body image and overcoming cravings for Milky Way candy bars.

She was very powerful over the phone and it felt like she was right in the room with me. You will love her tele-classes."

Judy H. WrightAuthor, Speaker, Life Educator

Testimonial: Marcus is doing really good. At school the teachers are seeing quite an improvement with his learning and socialization. He is now starting conversations with his peers, and the teachers are seeing a higher level of learning understanding. Its great! Thank you for introducing me to monosaccharides!

Mary G.

Testimonial: You can add me to the list here of appreciative recipients! It was very generous of you to spend the time with us last night. I received more information that was beneficial to me specifically and will implement.

I am in awe with the plethora of knowledge you possess about natural cures. You've obviously done your research. I'm going to have a blast exploring your site, I just know it.

Melissa M

Testimonial: Just got off of the Master Cleanse call. WOW. It was incredible.She's going to have another call on Monday. I recommend that you at least check it out. A few of us are going to start a 10-day Master Cleanse program on Monday the 22nd. If any of you would like to join us, we can support one another and share results. I'm really excited. Thank you, Terri! You did a fabulous job.


Testimonial: Good beautiful Sunday morning Terri and all friends. I am grateful that Terri shares this Master Cleanse call with us!

Terri's Master Cleanse Call is a very informative, supportive call that she shares with all of us on Monday evenings. I encourage all that wish to learn about the Master Cleanse to come onto the call and let Terri enlighten and support you.

There have also been other's on the call that have experienced the Master Cleanse and they share their experiences with us.

Theresa Marie

Testimonial: I encourage you to get on the calls with Terri. She shares the benefits of this incredibly easy 10-day cleanse, and explains about the minerals and vitamins in the juice. This is not a fast, per se, because your body receives incredible nutrients while you are on the cleanse, and the lemons/limes also add the benefit of making the body nice and alkaline. With this doctor-formulated cleanse that has been around for 50 years or so, every organ is nourished, you receive the benefit of an enormous host of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, and your body becomes alkalized at the same time, plus done as directed, this cleanse is totally organic, no preservatives, no pesticides. Terri does a great job of explaining how to do this 10-day cleanse, what to expect, and how to know when your body is cleansed. I'm very impressed with her knowledge.

Thank you for doing this for everyone, Terri! Your calls are a lovely gift that you give to us all.

Peggy Wheeler

Testimonial: A friend suggested that I might be interested in participating in the Master Cleanse as part of my spiritual journey. As a result, I contacted Terri David at her website, www.natural-cure-alternatives.com. Terri was very helpful and instructive as I began the process. When I had questions during the cleanse, she got back to me right away. As a result, the five days I was on the Master Cleanse were very beneficial to me. I found that I was not only more energetic, but I had more clarity of thought as well. I felt my spiritual awareness reach new heights. In fact, I was able to stay on the cleanse even when my son came over and we went to my favorite Thai restaurant for dinner. I was able to watch him eat and just feel the joy and peace of being with him.

I participate in Terriā€™s teleconference and find her to be very knowledgeable and helpful in the area of health and natural alternatives. In my experience, Terri is an intuitive person, who generously gives of her time to help other with wellness. It is appreciate that she sees the spiritual aspect to well being.

I think anyone would benefit from participating in what Terri has to offer. I plan to continue with the teleconference. I have learned so very much because of it.

Terri, Thank you for all you do and for helping me.

Robyn Marks

Testimonial: After attending Terri's Get Rid of The Fat tele-conference call last night, I realized that there is just so much more to absorb, continuously learn, and share with one another about spiritual health & wellness. Terri, your call was an excellent one, and I hit the stores today to restock my cupboards with "mostly" low glycemic items. (I say mostly because there are others in my household that just still continue to put into their bodies that which is not necessarily the healthiest. :)Though, they will certainly learn rather quickly.)

Testimonial: It was brought to my attention, after some self-analysis the last few days, that anyone may ask me a question about water & hydration, and I'd most likely know the answer. After all, water is just my thing! :) Though, I realized, I needed a refresher course on nutrition and health, and just after a few days of studying some of the materials that I have access to through Terri, I have been able to do that, so Thank You Terri!

Terry Rhoades


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