The Health Benefits of Ginseng

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What is Ginseng? It is a root plant that can be found in Northern Asia and mainly in China, Tibet, Mongolia and Korea. Besides Northern Asia, it also found in mountain forests of Central America and Eastern Northern America.

Today, they are ginseng from Russia and Canada.
It is being used for over 5000 years by the Chinese and Native American Indians. Before it is process for human consumption.

It resembles a person. Hence its Chinese name ‘Ren Shen’ and its Native American name ‘Garantoquen.’
What benefits does ginseng have to offer that causes the Chinese and Native American Indians to use it?

Here are the benefits.
  • It simulates the immune system. This helps prevent colds and the common flu.
  • Relieve symptoms of fatigue due to illness, physical exertion or late night sleep. In short, it keeps you alert.
  • Improve and tone up brain function. This makes the nervous system healthier. And improve your memory.
  • Prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure.
  • Promote the healthy function of the sexual glands.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Improve blood circulation.

How do you enjoy the benefits of ginseng?
There are three ways to enjoy the benefits.
  1. Make a tea.
    This is relatively simple to do. You can buy a box of ginseng sachets. You can find it in most TCM shops. Take one sachet, put in a cup and pour warm or hot water. Next you drink it slowly. That way you enjoy the benefits. If you find the taste a little plain. Add a little sweetener of your choice, but remember to add only a little as possible.
  2. Chew the ginseng slice slowly. It can be a little bitter. The benefit of chewing ginseng is that you enjoy the benefits much faster than you would to drink it. If you find the taste of ginseng bitter. It is quite normal. If it is bitter, it is good for your health.
  3. Buy it in a pill or concentrated form.

After reading about ginseng, do you think it is time give it a try?

Try Ginseng

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