Tongue Scraping
A Lemonade Cleanse Must

Tongue scraping one of the best natural remedies for bad breath and is a must on the master cleanse diet. It removes the bacteria that is caught in between the tiny bumps (papillae) on your tongue that is the cause of bad breath. I know it sounds like a weird thing, I thought so too when I first heard about it. 

I will tell you this that when I have been on the master cleanse, a horrible film starts to show up on my tongue as my body gets rid of toxins. It really is just downright gross. Using a scraper for your tongue will not only remove the white coating that appears on your tongue when cleansing it also improves your taste buds and slows the growth of plaque - definitely an added bonus.

Tongue Cleaning is considered by some people as the BEST natural remedy for bad breath.

The master cleanse recommends that you scrape your tongue during the cleanse, at least as often as you brush your teeth, to remove the white film that forms on your tongue. And unfortunately, there is a white film that appears that can almost be gritty. However from a hygiene perspective, you should do it even when you are not on a cleanse. In fact, many dentists suggest that you brush your tongue as well as your teeth. So consider scraping your tongue as just another part of your dental hygiene. 

Tongue Scraping - Plastic or Stainless?

Whether or not you should get a stainless steel or plastic one is a personal decision. However, think about this: Would you rather use real silverware to eat or are you ok with plastic?

My personal preference is a stainless steel scraper. A couple of pointers on the stainless steel cleaner. Its a bit more comfortable and gentle on your tongue. Its unaffected by bacteria. And it washes nicely and it won’t break like a plastic scraper.

Many of the stainless steel tongue cleaners come with a dual edge, so it doesn’t matter which way you hold it, it can still do the job.

Be sure it has a curved cleaning edge to better remove the bacteria and the soft plaque. Also check that it is slim and has a low profile so you can have better control to reach in the back of your tongue.

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