Top 10 Diets

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The Top 10 Diets are a few of my favorite eating programs. You may be like me and have been on every weight loss program in the book. So I decided I would share with you some of the programs that have worked for me or that could work for you.

The top 10 diets are all Low Glycemic.

This means that you are eating so you get a consistent source of energy, your blood sugar stays level, and wards high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. When you eat in this fashion, your body will naturally let go of excess weight taking calorie counting and fat watching out of the picture.

Even though these are named the Top 10, they are my top ten, there are really in no particular order, so be sure to look at the whole list before moving on.

  1. HCG Weight Loss Program - HCG is a very impressive program that allows you to lose weight fast (up to a pound a day). The CHG weight loss program is easy to follow but can be hard to do. It is healthy but only if you follow it for a short period of time. I will say, I lost 48 pounds in 9 weeks with it. I certainly did not believe it until it happened. I have a ton of info on it if you are ready to get that weight gone!

  2. Raw Food Weight Loss – I really believe in the value of raw food, although I love my meat so I don't believe I will every make the transition to a totally raw food program. However, it is an extremely healthy way to live and if you can make that change then this is a program for you.If you can't make the change it really does reinforce the importance of un-processed foods and how are body can benefit nutritionally.

  3. Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Ok, I fell for it. Lose 20 pounds in 10 days. I had to buy this program. I figured I could do almost anything for 10 days, especially if I could get rid of 20 pounds. On day 1, I was very hungry but day 2 was not so bad. This is too drastic and though you eat good food, I think it is so low calorie that it messes with your metabolism. Prefer the HCG in #1.

  4. Weight Loss for Idiots - Yes, there really are a few Weight Loss for Idiots Guides. Enjoy yourself while you shed the weight and learn a lot in the process. Although a silly name, this series of books is really informative.

  5. Low Glycemic Eating– This is my "Top 10 Diets" favorite. Three reasons, it works, its easy to follow and its good for you. You lose more fat than muscle on this and it is a great program for diabetes (and the rest of us). Last year when I changed to this way of eating, I went from a size 16 to a size 12 in less than 3 months.

  6. Never Diet Again – Sometimes being overweight has more to do with our thought patterns and emotions. I was recently at a family gathering and several relatives unknowingly said something to me that I considered an insult. What did I do---come home and eat. So if you eat emotionally like me then this may be the right program for you.

  7. Zone Diet Plan - Medically sound program that will especially help with metabolic issues, inflammation. I went on this years ago and the science behind it is solid and works, you pay attention to your portions and combination of fats, carbs and proteins. It gets your body back in balance and the fat goes off. The resources with the internet now for this program are incredible. It puts the science behind this low glycemic approach to weight loss.

  8. Fat Loss Program - This is where you get some help. So often when changing our habits, we try to go it alone. I offer one-on-one consulting and work with your personal situation and preferences to get you on the road to wellness and part of wellness having your weight be in proportion to your height.

  9. Master Cleanser - This is not a weight loss plan and it is not low glycemic but can allow your body to respond that way. However, many people use it as a jump start to weight loss as it is a great cleansing program.

Top 10 Diets Tid Bits

Weight Loss with Required Foods - Top 10 Diets

The are a number of weight loss programs available that promise you that yo will lose weight. However, the catch is that you have to purchase their expensive prepackaged food.

I won't really go into the additives, preservatives and sodium with the programs. But I will mention that they can be expensive and are not really teaching you beneficial, long-term eating tools. So for short term, definitely a possibility, for long term, it really depends on what YOU do.

Why Are You Over Weight - Top 10 Diets

Most people are not overweight because they didn't jog their prescribed 5 miles today. Chances are you are overweight because your eating patterns are not the most beneficial and you may seriously be eating the wrong types of food/calories during your meals.

We have been talked into eating low fat but since that philosophy has come about, Americans are much fatter than they used to be.

The types of food we eat is just as powerful, if not more powerful than the calories we consume when it comes to weight management. Excess weight is not just caused by lack of exercise but also consuming the wrong foods at the wrong time.

The Truth about Low Fat Diets & Foods - Top 10 Diets

While I will admit it is important to limit your fat intake. It is just as important to limit your simple carbohydrate intake. It is also vital to get rid of the more unhealthy fats in your diet such as saturated and trans fats (also known as hydrogenated oils) And be sure to get essential fatty acids into your diet or weight loss program.

You have to find a program that will work for you, for your lifestyle and help you maintain a proper weight for your life. So consider a low glycemic eating plan that you can live with.

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