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Healthy Healing 14th Edition by Linda Page - Book Review

Covering supplements, vitamins and herbs for healing, this is one of my two favorite natural cure books. First I’ll give you an overview of the book and then I will share with you my overall opinion of Healthy Healing. After that you decide for yourself if it is a worthwhile addition to your library.

First of all, Healthy Healing by Linda Page is a compendium of diet, lifestyle, supplements, vitamins and herbs for healing naturally. It is very comprehensive and includes 8 different sections.

Section One: Health Care Options  describes a variety of alternative health care modalities including: cell salts, homeopathy, enzymes, chiropractic, biofeedback, massage, magnets, kineseology, reflexology, acupuncture/acupressure, oils and aromatherapy.

Section Two: Holistic Recovery from Surgery and Illness includes information on drug interactions and herbs, chemotherapy and radiation. And how these situation can be addresses holistically. It shares pre and post surgery information and how to accelerate the healing process including vitamins and herbs for healing

Section Three: Herbal Healing  delves into herbal combinations, drug and herb interactions and using herbal teas.

Section Four: Foods for Your Healing Diet  discusses men’s and women’s issues, fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, vegetarianism, red meat, protein needs, mushrooms, cultured food, water, fats and oils, milk, sugar and salt. A very comprehensive look at the foods and what we need for our bodies.

Section Five: Special Guide to Detoxification and Cleansing explains why detoxification is important and bodywork techniques for detoxification. Here are just a few of the types of detoxification programs Page covers in the book: 24-hour cleanse, lung & chest cleanse, stress, fat and sugar, three day cleanse, 7-day cleanse, bodywork, water, enzymes, yoga, colon Cleanse, bladder & kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, lung & respiratory, lymph system, and skin. This section has one of the most wide-ranging group of different cleanses I have seen.

Section Six: Lifestyle Healing Programs. In this section Page covers programs for special needs, children, babies and pregnancy, healthy choices for children, anti-aging, exercise & sports and common illnesses for pets. She spends time covering fertility issues, breastfeeding (and supplements to include/avoid), herbs for labor, delivery and weaning. For children such issues as lice, ringworm, sinus, teething and jaundice are addressed. If you are concerned about aging, the portion on anti-aging talks about nutrients, antioxidants, herbs and the role hormones play. Athletes can benefit from the information on energy for moderate or high-energy workouts and caloric needs. Page’s specialty is women’s issues and how these health issues can be assisted with vitamins and herbs for healing.

Section Seven: Ailments and Health Conditions. This is my absolute favorite section. I refer to it often. Page lists over 350 (probably closer to 400) common ailments. She provides a brief description of each ailment then proceeds to suggest diet and lifestyle support as well as superfood and supplement therapy and vitamins and herbs for healing. Her suggestions are right on target.

Section Eight: Ailments and Health Conditions. This is a bonus section that speaks to an Alternative Healthcare Arsenal. It covers vocabulary and nutrient descriptions, as well as products resources and book resources by topic.

My Opinion: Healthy Healing is a fantastic resource and from what I have read her suggestion are on target when it comes to natural cure alternatives. However, one thing I find confusing is that Page suggests so many supplements, I am not always sure if you should just use one or use them all. Many of the supplements she suggests can be found at the local health food store while others have to be directly ordered from Healthy Healing. I think it is great that she has created what she believes are very useful supplement combinations, I just don’t like the inconvenience of it. However, for many of the supplements, especially the combinations, Page specifies what brand to get which takes out some of the guesswork for getting on a natural program.

Healthy Healing is a great all in one resource guide for natural cure alternatives. Page is extremely knowledgeable and packs this book with tons of valuable information to live by.

It is still invaluable tool to have at your fingertips for everything from the common cold to cancer. I find this book is an excellent holistic reference tool.

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