Weight Loss For Idiots

What a title, huh, Weight Loss for Idiots (also know as Weight Loss 4 Idiots). I figured there were a lot of Idiot books out there so I thought I would see if there was one on Weight Loss. Low and behold, there is -- more than one. Who would have thought?

I figure you have to have good self esteem to even pick up one of the "Idiot's Guide" books. I have read a few of them and they are fun to read with good information presented in a common sense fashion. 

The Weight Loss For Idiots books are no different. They offer good common sense information in a fun way.

Now many of you reading this have probably dieted before and its no fun. So why not pick up one of the Idiot books and enjoy losing weight.

Now, if you have visited my Top 10 Diets or my Losing Weight Fast page, you know that my favorite eating & weight program is the Glycemic Index.

There is even a fat loss idiots guide for the Glycemic Index - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Glycemic Index Weight Loss.

It is so nice to have a sense of humor for the things in our life that aren't working quite the way we planned.

So as you can see from the box to your left, I found 6 Fat Loss Idiot's book for your reading and dieting pleasure. As well as a Kindle. The books, however cover everything from being vegetarian to your ethnic food choices. They also cover what type of help you need or want - pills, coaching, hypnosis.

Take a look at the books and decide what is right for you. Remember there is not just one way, but there is one way that is right for you.

Go easy on yourself, have a little fun and eat well. Because if you don't take care of your body---where will you live?

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