What is Deep Tissue Massage

So you want to know what is deep tissue massage? I like to suggest that the phrase It hurts so good from the song by John Mellencamp best describes it.

We went to The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, Michigan (for the travelers in the group, its near the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes). The resort was great but even better was Spa Amira.

I decided before we left to get a massage as a treat for myself, while we were there. And oh, what a treat it was.

Yes, you still want to know what is deep tissue massage. Spa Amira describes it as:

"Using slow, firm strokes, this massage works intensely on deeper layers of muscle tissue. Targeted movements help strained or sore muscles expel toxins, allowing for rapid healing. Increased blood flow restores muscles to the core."

I describe it as tranquility for an hour and a half with someone pushing the tension and stress out of my muscles leading me to supreme relaxation.

So here is how it went. When I first go there, I was so in awe of the view. I walked through a small archway into an area with a pool that had small fountains throughout overlooking Lake Michigan. The view was breathtaking and certainly my first step toward a relaxing experience.

I had arrived a bit early so I sat by the pool, was offered water while I completed the paperwork. Angela, my massage therapist was then ready for me. The location was so fresh and clean.

Angela left me in the dimly lit, quiet room to disrobe and get ready for my massage. I laid on the massage table that was so comfortable, it was better than my own bed.

When she came back in, she started the “hurts so good” massage. She began with my shoulders- which carry most of my stress. I think she kneaded and worked them into oblivion and then gave me the special treat of putting on a warm, wet cloth to help me relax even further.

She basically worked my body from head to toe, pushing deep into my muscles to help them release and let go.

What can I say, it was relaxing and enjoyable and I did not want it to end.

Now what is deep tissue massage compared to swedish massage. While deep tissue massage aims at pushing deep into the muscle. Swedish massage is a much lighter touch and is about rubbing your muscles.

When people talk about massage in general, they are typically speaking of Swedish.

If you are the type to cringe when you feel a bit of discomfort then a deep tissue massage is not the right thing for you. However, if “it hurts so good” is up your alley then it certainly is the way to go.

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