What is Holistic Healing?

by Val Silver
(New York, U.S.A.)

Quite simply, holistic healing views and treats you as a whole person even if just one part of you appears to be out of balance. It is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to wellness.

Most of us are used to conventional medicine. When you go to the doctor and get a pill for high blood pressure or cholesterol, you are being treated strictly on a physical level; and then only for the part that doesn't appear to be working well. If you are depressed you receive another pill. The usual treatments of choice are surgery and pills.

This type of treatment may work well for injuries, symptom relief and emergencies, but not for long term healing or preventing health problems.

On the other hand, holistic healing looks for what is causing the problem. In our high blood pressure example, you would examine and improve your stress levels, diet, and exercise habits. You would explore and resolve areas where you are holding anger and unforgiveness. If necessary, you would still take that pill.

Holistic healing draws from a wide range of modalities to promote wellness, As a matter of fact, no modality is excluded. If conventional care is needed, that's what you get. But emergencies withstanding, it may be used primarily for diagnosis and as last resort treatments.

Lifestyle changes and more natural remedies such as herbs, acupuncture, and energy psychology techniques may be used as primary methods or complements to traditional care.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they are being holistic because they use natural remedies.

A remedy or method is holistic only if it is being used to heal you as a whole person. Chances are, you will be using a variety of remedies and techniques simultaneously as part of holistic approach.

Learn more about holistic healing and how it can help you get and stay healthy on all levels.

Terri's Comments: Val, thanks for your insight and clarifying what Holistic really means when it comes to healing. As it is an often misconceived concept, you really got to the heart of it.

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