Where To Buy Coconut Oil

Several Options

Don’t know where to buy coconut oil.

I am starting to find it on the shelves at the local groceries stores. I recently bought Spectrum Essentials coconut oil at a Walmart of all places.

They had both the low temperature and high temperature variety. A couple of other quality brands to keep your eyes open for are Nutiva and Omega Nutrition. You can even get it in capsule form.

There are so many health benefits of coconut oil that is should be part of your everyday diet. Its easy to store. Its great for your skin. There is even evidence that it helps with weight loss.

There are a significant number of uses for it. Its great for digestion, cholesterol and even helpful to your immune system. With all these benefits, it unfortunate that it get lumped into the category of oils are bad for you. This tropical oil is in a category all by itself.

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