Y2MC Master Cleanse

by Lisette

Wednesday, 9.29.2010

I hate to sound so cliche, but I've struggled with my weight all my life. The best illustration of my struggle is a rollercoaster.

The Master Cleanse has been a great experience for me. This is the second time I'm embarking on the master cleanse. On the 1st attempt I achieved my goal of transitioning from one weight category to another which was great for me. It's wasn't easy. And just because it's the 2nd time around probably doesn't make it any easier.

For me, the master cleanse has helped me to realize the great value of practicing self-discipline, of thinking before I eat (food should be enjoyable, but also consumed wisely) and has been the overall tangible demonstration of the mind, body & soul connection.

As I go on this journey for a second time, I have more clarity of my health objectives. I realize now the number on the scale is important, but just because it might read what I want it to read doesn't mean that I'm healthy. A good # on the scale goes hand in hand with good nutrition and physical activity.

I've shared the master cleanse with many people. It's not for everyone though. This is what works for me. And I've had great results. When I first did the master cleanse I lost about 16lbs. In the process, I gained a new appreciation as well as taste buds for the healthy foods I should eat which can be beautiful, colorful and yummy. I also have a new found sensitivity and mindset to that which I plan to consume for the nourishment of my body.

Y2MC because it's time again for me. It's going to help me to get back on track physically, spiritually and nutritionally (just in case anyone reads this no I haven't gained back the weight).

Terri's Comments Beautifully said! Congratulations on your success Lisette and your personal growth.

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